MRL Elevator

MRL Elevator in Jaipur

Elevators that are designed to fit low to mid-rise buildings with a height of 250 feet and located in hoistways, cutting down the need for a traditional machine room are called Machine Room-less (MRL) elevators. A reasonable and safe option according to the industry experts, these elevators look like normal elevators and can be hydraulic or traction in nature.

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MRL Elevator

What We Do?

Kohinoor Lifts are one of the leading and the most trusted names when it comes to MRL elevators/lifts in Jaipur. Our team consists of a group of experts and professionals who are dedicated to developing lifts that define not just high quality but are also a perfect fit for their specific purpose. Other than supplying and installing MRL elevators, we at Kohinoor Lifts also take complete responsibility for providing our customers with regular repair and maintenance services.

Before you finalize the right kind of elevator that meets your specific needs and requirements you are sure to consider its price and functionalities. As a consumer, it is imperative for you to know that there are several factors that determine the cost of your MRL elevators. These factors are the number of floors, the weight capacity, use of advances and technology, customizations, etc. To evaluate the approximate price of your MRL elevators, get in touch with us at Kohinoor Lifts today.


The advantages of MRL lifts :

The features of MRL elevators:

What makes Kohinoor lifts the best as your MRL lifts company?

Investing your hard-earned money in any type of elevator is a crucial decision and therefore it is important that you do your research right before you finalize an elevator company. We at Kohinoor Lifts have been in this sector for many years now and have established a renowned name for ourselves as one of the best in this field. Factors that make us a trusted name are :


Various Options Are Available


0.50 to 2 mis


04 to 26 Passengers

Cabin Finish

MS Powder Coated Cabin.
S.S. Hair Line Finish Cabin.
Steel Designed & Steel Hair Line Finish Cabin.

Door Finish

MS Powder Coated Auto Door.
S.S. Hair Line Finish Auto Door.
Steel Designed Finish Auto Door..

Type of Door

Center Opening Auto Door.
Telescopic Auto Door.
Manual Telescopic Door.
Manual Imperforated Door

LOP Panels

Surf Micro Electro Button.
Touch Button

COP Display

Seven Segment Digital LED Display.
Digital Dot Matrix Display.
LCD Display.



Capcity Lift Speed Lift Well Cabin Inside Entry
Person Kgs. Mtr./Sec. A B C D E
5 340 0.50/1.0 1650 1500 920 1080 700
6 408 0.50/1.0 1650 1650 920 1230 700
5 340 0.50/1.0 1800 1500 970 980 800
6 408 0.50/1.0 1800 1500 1120 1030 800
8 544 0.50/1.0 1800 1700 1120 1280 800
10 680 0.50/1.0 2100 1800 1320 1330 800
13 884 0.50/1.0 2100 2100 1370 1630 800
16 1088 0.50/1.0 2350 2300 1520 1830 900
20 1360 0.50/1.0 2450 2400 1620 1930 1000