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We also specialize in the most suitable, extraordinarily customized next-generation elevators and lifting solutions.

Passenger Elevators

Passenger lifts come in several sizes and can be customized as per the needs of residents, offices, buildings, etc.

Hospital Elevators

We offer robust, strong, and secure elevators that can accommodate hospital bed, bulky hospital equipment, etc

Capsule Elevators

Install Kohinoor Capsule Special lifts on the exterior face of any space to elevate and enhance the complete look.

Goods Elevators

Carry your heavyweight loads from one floor to another with Kohinoor Goods lifts are also very popular as cargo lifts.

Freight Elevators

Move heavy loads, transport materials, and goods from one floor to another in the same buildings with Freight elevators & lifts

Dumb Waiter Elevators

Carry either food or goods from one floor to another with help of dumbwaiter lifts or elevators.

Hydraulic Elevators

Various hydraulic elevators include holed hydraulics, roped hydraulics, hole-less hydraulics, machine room-less hydraulic, etc.

Car Elevators

Also known as automobile elevators, are devised in a way to carry cars in car showrooms, garages, condominiums, etc.

MRL Elevators

Designed to fit low to mid-rise buildings with a height of 250 feet and located in hoistways.


BEST ELEVATOR LIFT COMPANY Manufacturer, Maintenance, Service, Repair, and Modernization

Established in 2016, Kohinoor Elevators have created a niche and aced name for themselves when it comes to the most trusted and reliable lift manufacturers in the country.

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