Capsule Elevators

Capsule Elevators in Jaipur

Special lifts that are installed on the exterior face of any space to elevate and enhance the complete look are called capsule elevators. These lifts come with glass and metal finishes and have plush interiors. They provide the passengers with a complete overview of the premises and are mostly used for lobbies, residences, hotels, and other places with the intention of adding to the look and appeal of that place.

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Capsule Elevators

What We Do?

As a capsule elevator manufacturer in Jaipur, we are not ignorant of the fact that this lifts demands specialized needs combined with state-of-the-art technology. We manufacture capsule elevators keeping the factors of quality, security, and appeal in mind. Right from manufacturing to supplying to installation and timely repair and maintenance services, we at Kohinoor Lifts are here to do it all for you.

It will not be wrong to say that there has been a tremendous rise in the demand for capsule lifts over the years. People are now using these lifts not just as an easy means of transport but also as a high-class way to enhance the look of their spaces. The price of this elevator is a crucial factor that is considered by all before they finalize a lift. The cost of a capsule elevator is determined by the use of materials, be it glass, metal, marble, etc., the number of people and floors that it has been customized for. Another essential factor that evaluates the cost of capsule lifts is the cost of the technology used, the number of features, etc. To evaluate the approximate price of your capsule lift, get in touch with the Kohinoor Lifts team today.


The benefits and application of capsule lifts

One of the biggest benefits of capsule lifts is that they can completely enhance and change the look of a place. Its other benefits are :

Features of capsule lifts

At Kohinoor Lifts you will find a variety of capsule lifts that come with many enticing characterizes and features. The primary features of capsule lifts are :

What makes Kohinoor Lifts the best for capsule lifts?

As an capsule elevator manufacturing company, we understand the importance of amalgamating design, technology, and the right security features to create excellent and high-quality elevators’. Features that make us the right capsule lifts vendor are :


Various Options Are Available

Numerous Capsule elevators designs, shapes & sizes are available for home & residential, offices & commercial, malls & hotels etc at affordable prices in Jaipur –  Square Glass, Five side glass capsule cabin, powder coated round glass cabin, SS Round glass capsule cabin etc


1.00 to 1.50 meter per second


08 to 20 passengers

Type of Car

Car One Side View
Three Side View
Half Round View

Type of Door

Center-Opening Auto Door.
Telescopic Auto Door.

Cabin Finish

Glass with MS powder coated cabin.
Glass with Stainless Steel Hair Line finish Cabin
Glass with Steel Designed & Stee! Hair Line finish Cabin.

Doors Finish

MS Powder Coated Auto Door
Stainless Steel Hair Line Finish Auto Door.
Stainless Steel Designed Finish Auto Door.
Gold Designed Finish Auto Door.
Glass with Stainless Steel Framed Finish Auto Door.

Switch Panels Button

Surface Mount Electro Button.
Touch Button.

COP Display

Seven Segment Digital LED Display.
Digital Dot Matrix Display.
LCD Display.

Option – A

Load Car Inside Lift Well Entrance
Person kgs. A B J G C D F H E
10 680 1100 1300 1400 650 2200 1425 1330 1100 800
13 884 1200 1400 1550 700 2400 1525 1430 1100 900
16 1088 1300 1500 1700 750 2800 1625 1530 1200 1000

Option – B

Load Car Inside Lift Well Entrance
Person kgs. A B G C D F H E
10 680 1250 1300 250 2200 1450 1480 580 800
13 884 1400 1400 300 2400 1550 1630 650 900
16 1088 1550 1500 350 2800 1780 1650 790 1000