Automatic Passenger Elevator

Automatic door Elevator in Jaipur

Elevators that run automatically without having the passengers press the respective floor buttons are automatic passenger lifts or elevators. These lifts come with sensors, which automatically hold and open the doors when people are in the lift. Also, these elevators stop and open at every floor, those who need to get down can do so, once the lift sensors note no more activity, they are sure to shut again and go to another floor and repeat the entire process. There is no floor button on the automatic lifts, only buttons for alarm and other door control buttons.

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Autodoor Elevator

What We Do?

As one of the leading and the most reliable automatic lift manufacturers in Jaipur, we believe in offering quality products to our home, residential and commercial users.  All our manufacturing and supplying processes are carried out by our expert team of professionals who follow a strict protocol to ensure a vigilant check on quality as well as security. At Kohinoor Lifts, our objective is to develop ourselves as a one-stop destination for the best in terms of services. What makes us a favorite among our clients is the fact that our expertise is not merely restricted to selling our products but also ensuring the proper installation and post-installation repair and maintenance services.

Cost is one of the most essential factors that is kept in mind before investing money in an automated door passenger lift. However, there are many factors that determine the cost of your automatic passenger lifts. These factors include the application of the auto door passenger lifts; whether they are for homes, offices, other commercial areas, etc., Another factor is the size and travel distance of your elevator. The number of floors and the number of people will play a significant role in determining the total cost. Last but not least, the use of technology and the material used also play a crucial role in calculating the total amount of your automatic passenger lift. To evaluate the approximate price of your mechanical passenger lift, get in touch with us at Kohinoor lifts today.


Following are the features of an automatic passenger lift.

The primary purpose of automatic elevators is to carry out their work efficiently, maintaining the security of the passengers inside. Following are the advantages of automatic passenger lifts :

Factors that make Kohinoor Lifts the best are :


Various Options Are Available

choose among various automatic doors i.e. Solid doors auto door. Glass auto doors. Aluminium auto doors. Stainless steel auto doors. Fire resistance auto doors. Eco bus folding auto doors etc


0.5 To 1.5 m/s


06 To 20 Passenger

Car Finish

MS Powder Coated Car.
S.S. Hair Line Finish Car.
Steel Designed & Steel Hair Line Finish Car.
Steel Mirror & S.S. Hair Line Finish Car.
Titanium Gold Designed With S.S. Finish Car.

Door Finish

MS Powder Coated Auto Door.
S.S. Hair Line Auto Door.
Steel Designed & Steel Hair Line Auto Door.
Glass With S.S. Hair Line Auto Door.
Titanium Gold Designed With S.S. Auto Door.

Type of Door

Center Opening Auto Door.
Telescopic Auto Door.

Switch Panels Button

Surf Micro Electro Button.
Touch Button

Switch Panels Display

Seven Segment Digital LED Display.
Digital Dot Matrix Display.
LCD Display.

Multi-ray Entrance Protection System

Hoist Way Machine Room Size Passenger Elevator  With Auto Doors.

Load Lift Well Car Inside Entrance Machine Room UP TO 1.5M/Sec. UP TO 1.5M/Sec.
Person Weight Width Depth Width Depth Width Depth Height PIT O.H. PIT O.H.
6 408 1600 1600 1100 1000 700 3000 3500 2500 1600 4800 2600 6700
8 544 1900 1900 1300 1100 800 3200 3500 2500 1600 4800 2600 6700
10 680 1900 2000 1350 1300 800 3500 4000 2500 1600 4800 2600 6700
13 884 2500 1900 2000 1100 1000 4000 4200 2500 1600 4800 2600 6700
16 1088 2500 2000 2000 1300 1000 4500 4800 2500 1600 4800 2600 6700
20 1360 2500 2300 2000 1550 1000 5000 5000 2500 1600 4800 2600 6700