Car Elevators

Car Elevators in Jaipur

It will not be wrong to say that both cars and elevators are an integral part of the modern world. They are not just making our world an easier place but are enabling us to live our lives at the right pace. With the number of cars increasing with every passing day, car elevators have become the need of the hour. But before we start talking about the advantages of car elevators it is first essential to understand what car elevators are all about. Car elevators also famous as automobile elevators are lifts or elevators that are devised in a way to carry cars in car showrooms, homes, garages, condominiums, etc. With their compact and easy-to-use services, these elevators are gaining popularity for all the right reasons.

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Car Elevators

What We Do?

Kohinoor Lifts is one of the leading and most trusted names when it comes to hydraulic car elevator manufacturers in the Jaipur City. Our belief in bringing to our customers high-class quality products with the right design and innovation have enabled us to create a niche name for ourselves in the market. We are not just manufacturers of world-class car elevators but also your elevator partners for supplying and installing your lifts. We also provide our customers with regular repair and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning of their elevators.

The car elevators are designed to carry automobiles, so it goes without saying that these elevators are comparatively big and sturdy in their structure. If we talk about the cost of these elevators, then it is crucial for one to understand that the final cost of car elevators is determined by a long list of factors. These factors are the type of features and technologies that are being used, the size of the elevators, the weight capacity, the look, customizations, etc. To evaluate the approximate price of your car elevators, get in touch with us at Kohinoor Lifts today.


Benefits of car lifts

Features of a car lift

Why choose Kohinoor Lifts as your car elevator company?

At Kohinoor Lifts, we bring to you a wide variety of car elevators that have been designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Factors that make us at Kohinoor Lifts the best are :

Features :

Shaft Inside W
Machine Room 2000W * 2000L * 2500H
Recommended Shaft Dimensions For 2.5 Tones Hydraulic Car Lift-Non Commercial Vehicle
Type Of Lift Capcity Car + Car FR.
+ACC. Weight
Total Load
Car Inside
Dimension (mm)
(Kg) (Kg) (Kg) W D H W H (mm) (mm) (mm)
Direct pistons
at side (2 Nos.)
4000 1800 4000
Indirect pistons
at side (2 Nos.)
2500 2500 5000 2400 5200 2300 2300 2200 12000 1500 3500
Direct pistons
at side (2 Nos.)
6200 1500 3500