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Hospital elevator / lift in Pratapgarh

Hospital elevators are lifts or elevators that are used in hospitals for the purpose of making the transportation process an easy one for patients of all types. These elevators can be used to help a person in a wheelchair reach their respective floor or for a critical patient to be taken to the operation theatre in a stretcher which all their cables and other equipment’s without disturbing their condition and safety. These elevators have sufficient space to carry not just the patient but also the doctors and nurses smoothly, silently, and effectively.

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What We Do?

Kohinoor Lifts are one of the leading hospital elevator manufacturers in Pratapgarh. Our manufacture robust, strong, and secure hospital elevators that can accommodate a standard hospital bed, a few people, bulky hospital equipment, etc. What makes us a leading force is the fact that all our lifts are developed keeping in mind the international quality standards, high-grade raw material, security features, etc.


We Complete Every Step Carefully

We discuss all competitive edges in terms of quality, costs, and maintenance.


Make Appointment

Evaluate an approximate price of your passenger list, get in touch with us at Kohinoor Lifts today.


Consultation Project

Our proper planning and maintenance management eliminate your administrative burden


Installation System

We ensure the smooth and flawless supply and installation of your lifts/Elevators


Execution Project

Our expertise lies not just in manufacturing but also in ensuring that all other processes are carried out smoothly.


Making the most of Hospital Lift Elevator algorithms to ensure quick and safe rides

Right from the supply to the installation, we take complete responsibility for ensuring that the lifts have been flawlessly installed at your place with regular repair and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning of their elevators.

Powerful Strategy

Our Quality Workmanship & Extensive Knowledge in design & value engineering ensure the most efficient & customized Hospital Lift solutions in Pratapgarh.

Certified Engineers

We consist of a team of experts and technicians who ensure the smooth and flawless supply and installation of your lifts.

Save Your Money

We offer several factors that determine the cost of Hospital lifts i.e. number of floors, aesthetics, safety protocols, a technology used, etc

Free Consultation

Right from the making to the functionality, everything can be customized as per the customers’ needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential features of a hospital elevator?

For an elevator to function properly and maintain the safety quotient at all times, it is highly important that it consists of all the right characteristics and features. Some of the most essential features of a hospital elevator are:
• These elevators’ come with safety brakes to control the movement of the elevator.
• Hospital elevators comprise hoist-way door interlocks and hoist-way safety switches.
• These lifts come with emergency telephones, emergency alarm switches, and other devices for easy communication.
• Hospital elevators /lifts come with emergency lights and emergency power.
• These elevators are built-in in a way that they ensure the well-being of the patient within the elevators at all times.

What are the benefits /uses of hospital lifts?

The primary purpose of hospital elevators is to provide mobility solutions. The benefits /uses of hospital lifts are:
• We take care of safety first because the main objective of hospital elevators is to safely carry passengers from one floor to another.
• Better and smooth mobility – People suffering from diverse problems, be it age, sickness, or any other disability can easily commute to the floor that they desire with the use of these elevators without jerks and with comfort.
• Functionality– With the freedom of mobility, these elevators allow the patients to make multiple rounds to any place. They no longer have to worry about any constraints and can travel freely without any obstacles.

What makes Kohinoor lifts the best in Pratapgarh for hospital elevators?

Several factors need to be taken into mind before you finalize your elevator partners. Kohinoor Lifts bring to you a list of factors that makes them the best:
• As a hospital elevator vendor company in Pratapgarh, our goal has always been to develop lifts that fit the bill perfectly in terms of high quality.
• We provide our customers with easy customizations. This means that the size and capacity of the hospital elevators can be developed as per the specific needs and requirements.
• We believe in providing quality products and services to our customers at prices that are not just competitive but also economical.
• Nothing is more important for us than to develop lifts that are safe and secure and in sync with the best and latest in technology and advancements.

Does Kohinoor Lifts Offer Hospital elevator Repair Services in Pratapgarh?

At Kohinoor Lifts, our job is restricted not merely to just selling you Hospital elevators but also to ensure their regular repair and scheduled maintenance services in Pratapgarh.

Is there any facilities provided in Hospital Lift for people with disabilities?

Not only for disabled / Handicapped people, Kohinoor Lifts can add and modify the Latest technology features to Hospital lift required for any type of hospital needs according to patient’s facilities, but also for elderly people and babies.

What is the cost of Hospital lift in Pratapgarh?

Before finalizing your hospital elevator, you are sure to ensure that the price matches your budget. However, it is important for you to know that several factors determine the cost of any kind of elevator. Factors that influence the cost of hospital elevators are the size, the number of floors, the number of people it is being built for, the use of technology and advancement, safety features, etc.

Dimensional Details : Hospital Elevator

Car Inside Lift Well Entrance Clear Opening at Landing O. H. Pit
Type Capacity A B C D Speed
Wheel Chair 544 kg 1100 1300 1800 1850 800 920 * 2150 4200 1600 .63 mps
Stretcher 750 kg 1000 2100 1800 2500 800 920 * 2150 4400 1600 .33 mps
Small Bed 1020 kg 1200 2100 1900 2500 900 1120 * 2150 4400 1600 .35 mps
Standard Bed 1360 kg 1600 2400 2500 2800 1200 1420 * 2150 4400 1600 .35 mps