Freight Elevators

Freight Lift Elevators in Jaipur

Freight elevators and lifts are developed and designed to move heavy loads, transport materials and goods from one floor to another in the same buildings. Most of the freight elevators doors open vertically instead of horizontally. Keeping the safety quotient and the heavyweights that they carry, these lifts are slow as compared to the other variety of elevators. This speed control is maintained to ensure safety and avoid accidents. These elevators consist of steel panels and doors to withstand the difficult and harsh working conditions.

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Freight Elevators

What We Do?

Kohinoor Lifts is one of the leading freight elevator manufacturers in Jaipur. As a hydraulic freight lift company, we understand the difference between freight elevators and passenger elevators and construct lifts that meet the specific purposes. Considering the fact that the installation and utility of freight elevators in mostly in industrial areas, warehouses, retail, etc., we develop elevators that are sure to meet the diverse needs and requirements. What makes Kohinoor Lifts the best is the fact that our job is not merely restricted to the manufacturing and supplying process, but we also ensure proper services when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Needless to say, freight elevators are made to carry goods and not people. And for a similar reason, the making of a freight elevator is sure to significantly differ from that of any other lift. However, one needs to keep in mind that just like other elevators, the cost of these freight elevators is dependent on multiple factors. These factors are the amount of weight these lifts are expected to carry, the number of floors, functionalities, control, features, etc.


Features of freight elevators :

Hydraulic Freight elevators are lifesavers as it not only makes the transportation of goods from one place to another an easy process but also as it significantly saves on the waste of human labor, time, and energy. Some of the most essential features of freight elevators are :

Benefits and applications of freight elevators

What makes Kohinoor lifts the perfect company for your freight elevators?

As a leading freight lift manufacturer, we understand the need for fright elevators in the market. Our team of professionals works hard and dedicatedly over curating lifts that are sure to meet your purposes and offer you the right solutions. We at Kohinoor Lifts are the best because :