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Kohinoor Lifts has been Sikar’s premier choice for elevator maintenance, service, repair, and modernization since 2016 with and an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction


6+ Years Of Experience In Lifts & Elevators in Sikar

Kohinoor Lifts is one of the leading and the most reliable elevator/lifts manufacturers in Sikar, Rajasthan for home, residential & commercial purposes. As one of the best Lift Company, our emphasis has always been to deliver products to our customers at affordable prices that are superior in terms of not just the making but also security.

Our goal is to change the modern world and create a new generation and nature-friendly lifts & elevators for future generations.

Vinay Agarwal – Director


Making the most of elevator algorithms to ensure quick and safe rides

Right from the supply to the installation, we take complete responsibility for ensuring that the lifts have been flawlessly installed at your place with regular repair and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning of their elevators in Sikar.

Powerfull Strategy

Our Quality Workmanship & Extensive Knowledge in design & value engineering ensure the most efficient & customised solutions.

Certified Engineers

We consist of a team of experts and technicians who ensure the smooth and flawless supply and installation of your lifts.

Save Your Money

We offer several factors that determine the cost of lifts i.e. number of floors, aesthetics, safety protocols, a technology used, etc

Free Consultation

Right from the making to the functionality, everything can be customized as per the customers’ needs and requirements.


Explore Our Products

We also specialize in the most suitable, extraordinarily customized next-generation elevators and lifting solutions in Sikar.

Freight Elevators

Move heavy loads, transport materials, and goods from one floor to another in the same buildings with Freight elevators & lifts

Capsule Elevators

Install Kohinoor Capsule Special lifts on the exterior face of any space to elevate and enhance the complete look.

Goods Elevators

Carry your heavyweight loads from one floor to another with Kohinoor Goods lifts are also very popular as cargo lifts.

Hospital Elevators

We offer robust, strong, and secure elevators that can accommodate hospital bed, bulky hospital equipment, etc

Hydraulic Elevators

Various hydraulic elevators include holed hydraulics, roped hydraulics, hole-less hydraulics, machine room-less hydraulic, etc.

MRL Elevators

Designed to fit low to mid-rise buildings with a height of 250 feet and located in hoistways.

Passenger Elevators

Passenger lifts come in several sizes and can be customized as per the needs of residents, offices, buildings, etc.

Dumb Waiter Elevators

Carry either food or goods from one floor to another with help of dumbwaiter lifts or elevators.


Manufacturer, Maintenance, Service, Repair, and Modernization

Established in 2016, Kohinoor Elevators have created a niche and aced name for themselves when it comes to the most trusted and reliable lift manufacturers in the Sikar district.

To find out more connect with team Kohinoor Elevators today.

Connect with a team of technicians, engineers, and experts who are passionate and deeply in love with what they do.


We Complete Every Step Carefully

We discuss all competitive edges in terms of quality, costs, and maintenance.


Make Appointment

Evaluate an approximate price of your passenger list, get in touch with us at Kohinoor Lifts today.


Consultation Project

Our proper planning and maintenance management eliminate your administrative burden


Installation System

We ensure the smooth and flawless supply and installation of your lifts/Elevators


Execution Project

Our expertise lies not just in manufacturing but also in ensuring that all other processes are carried out smoothly.


We Complete 200+ Project Yearly Successfully

Kohinoor Lifts have created a niche and aced name for themselves when it comes to the most trusted and reliable lift manufacturers in Sikar, Rajasthan
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What They Says About Us

We are extremely satisfied with the product and service of Kohinoor Lifts. In appearance, the elevator is more like a piece of art and it functions beyond any possible expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Kohinoor Lifts as the Best Lift Manufacturer Company in Sikar?

We at Kohinoor Lifts are the best because:

  • We believe in high-quality products and services without burning a hole in their pockets.
  • We offer Zero breakdown lifts with scheduled regular maintenance services.
  • We ensure safety and security as the top priority and never compromise on this.
  • Our Lifts are smooth and almost soundless.
  • Latest technology microprocessors having VVF system

What Services Does Kohinoor Lift Company in Sikar Offer?

Other than Manufacturing & Installation services we offer

  • Regular scheduled Lift Services
  • Lift Repair
  • Lift Modernization & Customization
  • Lift Upgradation
  • Lift Uninstallation

Does KohinoorLifts Offer Repair Services in Sikar?

At Kohinoor Lifts, our job is restricted not merely to just selling you elevators but also to ensure their regular repair and scheduled maintenance services.

Will The KohinoorLifts Manufacture Customize Lifts for My Home?

Now Lifts can be eye-catching and can be customized as per customers’ tastes and needs, and it is possible with our experienced technical team and lift architectures. We have several design options, where customers can modify and add lights, Fans, colors, Interior body, exterior body, lift floorings etc. Get in touch with Kohinoor Lift Team to know more about customized lift solutions as per need and desire.

What Safety Measures Kohinoorlifts Take While elevator Installation?

Our objective is not just the convenience of our passengers but also their safety and security at every level.

  • The use of high-quality and certified products for manufacturing such as Branded Safety brakes, Advance Door sensors, smooth interlocks, Branded electrical switches and alarm switches, Door restraints, Pit buffers, etc
  • In case of emergency, we offer many safety features such as an emergency exit system, emergency alarm, emergency communication device, and emergency power failure system
  • While lift installation, we ensure proper brickwork and high-quality steel to make Zero breakdown lifts, hence there is no chance for lift malfunction.

How KohinoorLifts help You Choose the Best elevator for Your Buildings?

  1. Based on 7+ Years of Experience and several customer handling, we have many case studies to discuss all pros and cons of lift installation, repair, maintenance, or service, thus proving our capability to handle the lift elevator.
  2. We worked with top brands like Wittur, Usha Martin, TorinDrive, Yaskawa, Aonarch, Bharat Bijlee, Awcam, etc, such references help the customer to choose us as the best lift company in Sikar
  3. Technology we used
  4. The number of design and features options available.

What types of lift elevators do you offer to your customers?

Kohinoor Lifts is one of the leading and the most reliable elevator/lifts manufacturers in Sikar offering solutions to: Residential – Manual & Automatic Passenger Elevator, Capsule Lifts Commercial - Hospital Lifts, Dumb Waiter Lifts, Capsule Lifts, Car Lifts Industrial – Hydraulic Lifts, Goods Lifts, Freight Lifts etc

Is there any facilities provided in Lift for people with disabilities?

Not only for disabled / Handicapped people, Kohinoor Lifts can add and modify the Latest technology features to lift required for elderly people & baby strollers also.

How often do the Kohinoor Lifts need maintenance?

Depending on the number of people it is being developed for, the number of floors it is expected to travel, the use of advancements and technology, and Daily usage, Maintenance required can be varied from 1 to 3 times per year.

How much space is consumed by your lifts for installing a residential elevator?

Again depending on the design, the number of people it is being developed for space can be varied, but we always ensure a compact design that can be fit in any corner.

What are the various sizes of lifts and elevators available?

Depending on the number of people it is being developed for, Load required and usage type, here are the standard sizes available at Kohinoor lifts in Sikar