Goods Elevators

Goods Elevators in Jaipur

Goods lifts are also very popular as cargo lifts and are used to carry heavy weight loads from one floor to another. Generally, in these kinds of elevators, only goods are allowed and not people. The role of individuals is restricted only to loading and unloading the goods in the elevators. At Kohinoor Lifts, we are one of the biggest manufacturers of good lifts and produce a wide variety of lifts to meet several purposes. Some of the most common varieties of lifts found with us are small good lifts, kitchens lift, storage lifts, etc.

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Goods Elevators

What We Do?

As one of the leading and the most reliable goods elevators /lifts manufacturers in Jaipur, we at Kohinoor Lifts make extensive use of knowledge and technology to develop world-class Hydraulic Goods Lifts for various industries. What makes us good at what we do is the fact that we comprise of a team of dedicated engineers and technicians who are highly passionate and in love with what we do. Our job is restricted not merely to selling and installing our products but also ensuring proper repair and maintenance services.

When we are making hydraulic goods lifts in Jaipur, there are many factors that need to be taken into serious considering. At the end of the day, it is these factors that play a major role in helping us to calculate the total cost of your lift. Generally, the factors that determine the cost of a good lift are the specifications and type of lift that is being developed, indoor and outdoor installations, the kind of corrosion treatment, weight capacity, number of floors, etc. To evaluate the approximate price of your goods lift, connect with the Kohinoor Lifts team today.


The advantages of a goods lift

Goods lifts are essential in multiple sectors for the scalability and functionality that they offer. Some of the many benefits of a goods lift are :

Features of a goods lift

Hydraulic Industrial goods lift has become a necessity taking care of all the transportation of goods from one place to another. It will not be wrong to say that not only is this a cheap option but also an efficient one. Some of the most important features of a goods lift are :

What makes Kohinoor Lifts the best company for goods lifts/elevators?

Just as the name suggests the goods lifts are made to lift products and commodities of all shapes, sizes, and weights from one place to another. At Kohinoor Lifts, we consist of a team of specialized and certified professionals who are dedicated to making good lifts that are most suitable for you. Factors that make us the best are :

Dimensional Details : Goods Elevator

Capcity Shaft W Shaft D Car W Car D Entrance
Kg (C) (D) (A) (D) (E)
500 1900 1500 1100 1200 900
1000 2500 2100 1400 1800 1150
1500 2600 2300 1700 2000 1400
2000 2600 2800 1700 2500 1400
2500 2900 2800 2000 2500 1625
5000 2900 3300 2000 3000 1625