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Freight Elevator / lift in Alwar

Freight elevators and lifts are developed and designed to move heavy loads, transport materials and goods from one floor to another in the same buildings. Most of the freight elevators doors open vertically instead of horizontally. Keeping the safety quotient and the heavyweights that they carry, these lifts are slow as compared to the other variety of elevators. This speed control is maintained to ensure safety and avoid accidents. These elevators consist of steel panels and doors to withstand the difficult and harsh working conditions.

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What We Do?

Kohinoor Lifts is one of the leading freight elevator manufacturers in Alwar. As a freight lift company, we understand the difference between freight elevators and passenger elevators and construct lifts that meet the specific purposes. Considering the fact that the installation and utility of freight elevators in mostly in industrial areas, warehouses, retail, etc., we develop elevators that are sure to meet the diverse needs and requirements. What makes Kohinoor Lifts the best is the fact that our job is not merely restricted to the manufacturing and supplying process, but we also ensure proper services when it comes to installation and maintenance.


We Complete Every Step Carefully

We discuss all competitive edges in terms of quality, costs, and maintenance.


Make Appointment

Evaluate an approximate price of your passenger list, get in touch with us at Kohinoor Lifts today.


Consultation Project

Our proper planning and maintenance management eliminate your administrative burden


Installation System

We ensure the smooth and flawless supply and installation of your lifts/Elevators


Execution Project

Our expertise lies not just in manufacturing but also in ensuring that all other processes are carried out smoothly.


Making the most of Goods Lift Elevator algorithms to ensure quick and safe rides

Right from the supply to the installation, we take complete responsibility for ensuring that the lifts have been flawlessly installed at your place with regular repair and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning of their elevators.

Powerful Strategy

Our Quality Workmanship & Extensive Knowledge in design & value engineering ensure the most efficient & customized Goods Lift solutions in Alwar.

Certified Engineers

We consist of a team of experts and technicians who ensure the smooth and flawless supply and installation of your lifts.

Save Your Money

We offer several factors that determine the cost of Goods lifts i.e. number of floors, aesthetics, safety protocols, a technology used, etc

Free Consultation

Right from the making to the functionality, everything can be customized as per the customers’ needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential features of a Freight elevator?

Freight elevators are lifesavers as it not only makes the transportation of goods from one place to another an easy process but also as it significantly saves on the waste of human labor, time, and energy. Some of the most essential features of freight elevators are :
• Robust lift doors – These elevators come with robust and strong structures to make transportation an easy and flawless process.
• Controls - By incorporating the best in technology and advancements the freight elevators are being developed with automatic gates, sensors, gate operations, etc.
• Elevator design – These elevators are curated keeping in mind the specific needs and requirements of the user.
• Performance – The freight elevator is built in a way that they can withstand not just extreme weights but also effectively undergo even the harshest of conditions.

What are the benefits /uses of Freight lifts?

Benefits and applications of freight elevators are:
• If you are looking for elevators that come with low-cost installation and low maintenance, then these lifts are an ideal solution for you.
• Since there is no positive coupling between the machine and the lifts, these elevators are highly safe.
• The primary purpose of these lifts is to find a mechanized system through which large chunks of weight can be easily transferred from one floor to another

What makes Kohinoor lifts the perfect company for your freight elevators in Alwar?

As a leading freight lift manufacturer in Alwar, we understand the need for fright elevators in the market. Our team of professionals works hard and dedicatedly over curating lifts that are sure to meet your purposes and offer you the right solutions. We at Kohinoor Lifts are the best because :
• Customizations - We curate lifts and elevators that are customized specifically to meet the diverse needs and requirements of our customers from several sectors.
• High-quality products – As a company we firmly believe that high-quality lifts can only be made from superior quality products. We use only high-quality materials and intend to bring to you nothing but the best.
• Competitive prices – All our elevators are developed at prices that are competitive and highly economical. We believe in providing quality and on-time elevators without burning a big hole in your pockets.
• Repair and maintenance – At Kohinoor lifts, our jobs are not merely restricted to manufacturing and supplying, but also installation and repair. We provide our clients with regular repair and maintenance services and ensure the smooth functioning of their elevators at all levels.

Does Kohinoor Lifts Offer Freight Elevator Repair Services in Alwar?

At Kohinoor Lifts, our job is restricted not merely to just selling you Freight elevators but also to ensure their regular repair and scheduled maintenance services in Alwar.

Is there any facilities provided in Freight Lift for people with disabilities?

Not only for disabled / Handicapped people, Kohinoor Lifts can add and modify the Latest technology features to Freight lift required for elderly people & baby strollers also.

What is the cost of Freight lift Elevator in Alwar?

Needless to say, freight elevators are made to carry goods and not people. And for a similar reason, the making of a freight elevator is sure to significantly differ from that of any other lift. However, one needs to keep in mind that just like other elevators, the cost of these freight elevators in Alwar is dependent on multiple factors. These factors are the amount of weight these lifts are expected to carry, the number of floors, functionalities, control, features, etc.

How often do the Kohinoor Freight Lifts need maintenance?

Depending on the type of freight it is being developed for, the number of floors it is expected to travel, the use of advancements and technology, and Daily usage, Maintenance required can be varied from 1 to 3 times per year.